"The worst goodbyes are the ones never said."

This is my last call to you. Then I'll give up everything that we had.

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I’m not going to be the one
waiting for you at the altar
but I will be the one
who surprises you in your thoughts
when you’re sitting in a boring cubicle
ten years from now.
You’ll think of my dresses
and my worn out boots I wear too often
and ask yourself,
Dammit, why do I still think of her?

We never had a boring moment,
even when we didn’t know what to do
on a Saturday spring afternoon
when you didn’t want to finish papers
and I didn’t want to write my stories.
So we just laid on your wooden floors
and listened to the conversations your neighbors had
and the footsteps of your roommates.

I won’t be the one who shows up
in your bed ten years from now
with apple cinnamon oatmeal
because like I once said,
I hate that shit.

But I will be the face you see
at night when she’s leaving kisses on your neck
and all you can think about
are my lips,
my thighs on top of yours,
and my touch
you can still feel down your spine.
I promise you that you’ll still
crave the peppermint taste that lingers
after the many pieces of gum I liked to chew.

I will not be the mother of your children
nor will I be the one that gets to meet your parents
but hell I will be the one you’ll still think about.

I bet you’re going to wonder who’s met my crazy mother
and whose name comes out of my mouth
on some nights.

A Story A Day #211 by M.D.L

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I watched a video of you on my phone yesterday and I had forgotten what your voice sounded like and I swear, I’ve never fucking cried so much in my life.
please stop fading

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And after some months,
I can’t remember your voice anymore.

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The best thing about showers? You can cry and break down while taking a shower and after, no one will ever know you cried. No one will know that your heart was so heavy and that you were begging for the pain to stop. No one will ever know but yourself.

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People are liars. They say they will change, that they want to change for you. Then they turn around and do the same shit and cry when you don’t forgive them. People never change. They either end up lying to you or lying to themselves.
GarriNicole, People Never Change, My Dear

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